FANTASTIC! Is the first word that comes to mind. Dr. Kolander and his staff are beyond amazing. Just go and you will see.

Surprise! Not a big fan of going to the dentist. I don’t know too many people that look forward to their semi-annual cleaning, poking, sticking, scraping, and general discomfort while looking straight up at the ceiling.

I have issues from my childhood dentist that would insert large painful metal tools and clamps (back in the day before technology and advances in dental medicine) – like biting down on a bullet as my Mom would say. As an adult, I had a great dentist for years. I didn’t like going but I knew that he cared and showed genuine concern. Then, when I moved, I had to start over and find a dentist that was as good, or better, than my previous regular.

We found Dr Kolander! It was a referral from (wife’s) co-worker. She went first. The reports were positive. It was my turn. I was sweating. Short of breath. Almost panic; thinking “what disaster will he find.”

A glorious time was had by all that were in attendance of my first appointment. I was relieved to have found a dentist that I could feel comfort and confidence. I’ve been seeing him ‘regularly’ know for a couple years. I’m still not a fan of the process, but at least I know that I’ll be taken care of by Dr Kolander and his staff.

I’m on my third bridge from a childhood injury to my front teeth. While the work was not done by Dr Kolander, he does what’s necessary to preserve the longevity of the current bridge making minor fixes. I have another somewhat big deal coming soon that will need to be taken care of and know that Dr Kolander will refer the most competent and caring.

If you’re looking for a change or need a new doc, please give Dr Kolander a try!

Dr. Kolander is my favorite dentist.

I’ve been going to Dr. Kolander’s since I was a kid, when his dad owned the office. Everyone here is warm and friendly. Before we started going to Dr. Kolander’s my family promiscuously tried out dozens of dentists. But like Goldilocks and Three Bears we found that none of them were quite right. That is… until we happened upon Dr. Kolander and his office fit us juuuuust right. He doesn’t try to upsell you on procedures. And he listens well to concerns. Dr. Kolander is always gentle, patient, and friendly. I leave feeling well taken care of and with nicely polished teeth.

Now that I moved to LA I have to find a new dentist and this makes me terrified. What if they’re mean? Or make me bleed?

I came to this practice via my husband who has been going here since he was a child. I have a serious fear of Dental work and the staff here truly puts me at ease. Yesterday I had some work done and it was the first time in 12 years that I’ve gotten thru an appointment without the aid of nitrous oxide because Dr Kolander is just that gentle. I would highly recommend this office to anyone who is looking for a group of caring professionals.

Great staff and state of the art equipment. Spouse and I both had Johna as our hygienist and she was excellent, as was Dr. Kolander. They both spent quite a bit of time explaining procedures in detail and checking to see if we had any questions. Top notch care, and one of the most thorough and gentle cleanings I have ever had.